TeaTV Apk Download For Android

My love for movies and web series will never end. Everyday there is new movie or series and already there are thousands of them that we have not watched yet. And we can not even watch them in our short lifespan. The major problem while we think of watching these movies is the right source.

There are many companies who are providing subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime and other. No doubt, they have very good quality stuff but our taste keep on changing and we can not take subscription of all services. And why we need to take it when there are lots of sites, apps that are providing all the content for free. Like the one that we are discussing TeaTv.

I know you must got irritated while searching for the download link of latest movie, annoyed by the spammy ads and might landed to site that let you download some virus to your system. Downloading movie from the internet is really a very tough job. Well, not now, this app TeaTv become very popular for its clean interface and easy accessible movie links.

Teatv apk

TeaTv app provides you all major Tv Shows, Netflix series, latest movies in HD quality and that too completely free  and without any annoying ads or popups. I personally using this app and I found it to be very safe and easy to use. They have really good and latest collection of movies and webseries. Even you will get options for subtitles in different languages.

Let’ first download the app and discuss its feature later.

TeaTv Apk Download For Android, Firestick

This app is available for Android, Windows, Mac and Firestick. If you are using an Android Box, or phone, you can download the latest apk file of TeaTv from the link given below.

TeaTv Apk Download

You need to turn on the Unknown source to install this application in your Android device as its downloaded from the third party source. Don’t worry its completely safe.

Just Go to Settings >> Security >> Now Enable Unknown Sources.

Now you can simply tap on downloaded TeaTv apk file and install it. Now its ready to go. You may need to install some compatible media player to play the movie in the app.

TeaTv App Features

If you are using some other free movie streaming apps like Showbox, Terrarium Tv or other. You must know that what features this app carries and literally you won’t need this. Even lets discuss How it will be useful for you.


The first best thing about this app is its available for Android, Windows, Mac and even you can also instal it on your Firestick. So no more worries, when you switch from one device to another. You can use it.

Completely Free

That’s another thing that will attract you to use this app. This is a free app, you don’t need to pay any subscription fees like that you pay to Netflix. Now you can save lots of money.

No Annoying Ads

I am not saying that this app will not show any ads to you. Then there will be no benefit to its developer. But I am assured that there will be no annoying or spammy ads. You can watch your movies without any disturbance. There are some banner ads on the app menu. That’s it.

Clean UI

The interface of the app is very clean, you can easily understand and use it. The app is also very light and do not lag as such. Proper categorisation of movies and series in the menu. You also have option to add your favourite program to watch list. Also, you can check all your history, programs you have seen in the past.

No Registration

To use this app you do not need to signup or create any account. Simply install the app and use it. If you want you can create and keep your history or watchlist sync on all devices.

Calendar for Upcoming Movies

teatv upcoming

Its shows you what movie or show will be available on the app today. Also, upcoming programs and movies. So you can plan your show.


If you want to watch the movie on large screen like TV, you can screencast your phone to your chrome cast enable Tv. That’s really useful.


It also has live Tv option specially Sports channels. So now you can watch live tv and sports for free with this app.

Offline Download

This app also let you download your favourite shows or movies offline in the app. So you can watch it later without any buffering. Its really useful for me.

TeaTv For Windows and Mac

Yes, this app is also available in .dmg and .exe format. You can install this app on your computer also. It’s really required, as we generally watch the movies and Tv series on large screen only. The best part is you have direct installation file for both the operating system. You do not require any emulator to use it on your system.

Teatv for mac

Simply download the Teatv for Pc and install it on your computer. In mac you need to give permission as it is downloaded from third party source.

TeaTv For Firestick

There are large number of user who are using the firestick to make their Tv smart. So, there are ways by which you can install most of the android apps on the firstick. Yes, you can also install this app on firestick and enjoy it on bigger screen. For that you need to follow the procedure of How to install TeaTv on Firestick.

TeaTv for iOS or iPhone

Here I will say big SOORY as this app is currently not available for the iOS. You can not install TeaTv on iPhone or any other iOS device. This is one of the drawback of this app. As there is large number of users, who are on iOS. But we can expect it in future due to huge demand.

How to Use TeaTv App

As such app is very simple you do not need any guide to use such app. But let me make you understand some functionality, maybe you get something that you don’t know.

Teatv apk

  • I will recommend you to login to Teatv app.  This will help you keep your data sync with all the devices. Also, sometime when you uninstall the app, you can get the same watchlist back when you reinstall and signin.
  • You can add shows and movies to your watchlist.  So, if you do not want to watch it now, you can simply browse the watchlist and see what you have marked for watch laster. Simply tap on +Watchlist option next to Watch Trailer.
  • It’s really hard to decide which movie or show to watch. Sometime you start with something and later found it boring. The better way is watch its trailer first. or watch some part in fast forward.
  • If you experience low internet speed or you are going to some remote area where there is connectivity issues. You can download the shows and movies. So you can watch them later offline and without buffering.
  • If you are fond of football or any other sport. In the app you can also watch live tv matches and shows. So, next time don’t look for streaming sources online. You can watch it directly on the app itself.
  • If you want to watch the Tv shows or movie on TV, there is option for screencast on the app. You can mirror your phone screen to your large screen Tv but it should be chrome cast enabled.
  • Last but not the least, you can sort the Tv shows or Movies from the top right menu. You have option to sort in Popular, Top Rated, On The air and Arriving today.

So this is all something I thought worth sharing with you people. Who really love to watch movies, shows and do not want to spend money. So we have provided you this app, you can download TeaTv apk and enjoy all your favourite Tv series, Movies on almost all your devices for Free.

Also don’t forget to share it with your friend and family members. Help them save some money and take the benefit of this free app. Enjoy!!